The common interpretation of a Noob.

A Noob is a common species of ROBLOXian. They are portrayed as idiotic, rude, and most of all- Noobish.


The Noob has the same anatomy as a normal ROBLOXian. Yet, most ROBLOXian's interpretation of a Noob is no clothing, yellow head and arms, blue torso, and green legs.

Although, it should be noted that the only ROBLOXians that actually dress like that are ones who are not actually Noobs. Most Noobs wear normal clothes, to try and blend in. But they can be very easy to identify from a crowd, once you know what a Noob may look example of a noob is vaktus


Most Noobs are downright rude. They spam, delete, and annoy others. Common Noobs behavior can be called Noobing.


Noobing is any act of Noob-ish-ness, if commited by a Noob, or even a normal ROBLOXian. The acts of Noobing consists of:

  • Spamming, this includes on the Forums, chatting in a Place, bricks in a building place, or comments.
  • Deleting others buildings in a place.
  • Annoying others.
  • Copying others advertisments.

And much more, which is obvious.

Social StatusEdit

In most ROBLOXian's minds, the Noob is disliked. Actually, pretty much all ROBLOXian's minds. Although, the Noob is very famous because they are widely known. Noobs are often featured in advertisments, as the ones asking for Tix, using free models, or getting pwned. The ROBLOX Administrators have even come out with a series of hats based on the acts of Noobing.


Noobitis is apparently the disease that causes Noobing, which later on causes the ROBLOXian Noobing, to become a Noob. After many years of research, this myth is true. Noobitis is a real ROBLOXian disease. Noobitis is actually caught during the acts of Noobing, it does not cause Noobing itself. It only causes the Noober to become a full-fledged Noob.

Sadly, however, a cure has not been developed for Noobitis. Neither has a vaccine. Although, here are some good tips to stay safe from Noobitis:

  • Follow basic hygiene practices.
  • Avoid Noobing. This also includes avoiding others who are Noobing.

Here are a few symptoms of Noobitis:

  • An increase in Noobing.
  • Splotchy yellow, green, and blue marks on plastic.
  • Decrease in grammar, and increase in illiteracy.

Amazingly, any Noob that has Noobitis actually has a chance in recovering. Studies show that few Noobs who were treated right or got older happened to recover from Noobitis, and thus, became normal ROBLOXians living normal lives. Although, anyone they Noobed may remember them, and thus, remains a hurtful emotional scar.